Congratulations to KC Ball on 150 Games!

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This Saturday’s match against the Canterbury Red Devils is a hugely significant one for Botany Swarm veteran forward KC Ball, who will play his 150th NZIHL game in a career which spans 12 seasons.



KC has been a key member of the Swarm ever since their inaugural season in the NZIHL back in 2005. Since then, he has gone on to become Swarm’s all-time leading scorer in goals (64), assists (94) and points (158). He is currently 4th all-time in NZ...

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Hockey Runs in Hay Family

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The IIHF caught up with the Hay family to discuss their acheivements and involvements in International Ice Hockey and Ice Hockey in New Zealand.

Andrew Hay, Joshua Hay and Oliver Hay are all past or present players for the Swarm, as well as representing New Zealand with the Ice Blacks, while Libby-Jean Hay plays for the Ice Fernz, and their father Grant Hay is the President of the New Zealand Ice Hockey Federation.

They were recently honoured with their jerseys a...

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Josh Hay smashes the 100 barrier, with 100 points

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Josh Hay has has been an integral member of the Botany Swarm ever since their inaugural season in the NZIHL in 2005. Josh's biggest asset has always been his speed which has created plenty of headaches for opposing defensemen and goalies. Josh had a particularly strong season in 2006, carrying his team to the 2006 NZIHL Finals where he was named Finals MVP. Josh was also a huge offensive asset when the team won 4 titles in 5 years during 2007 to 2011. His solid play also saw him named Botany ...

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Andrew Hay, first NZIHL Captain to 100

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Over the weekend of July 13/14 the two older Hay brothers, Andrew and Josh, reached two separate century milestones. Josh Hay became the third member of the Botany Swarm to reach the 100 NZIHL games played while also assisting on a goal to reach 100 career points. Having reached the 100 game milestone last season, Andrew Hay became the first NZIHL player to captain a team in 100 games.


Andrew Hay became the captain of the Swarm in the third year of the league back in 2007. ...

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KC Ball, 100th point, in his 100th Game!

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KC Ball has has been a key member of the Botany Swarm ever since their inaugural season in the NZIHL in 2005.

During this time, KC has become the team's all-time leading scorer, with 41 goals and 60 assists. Against the Canterbury Red Devils this past weekend, KC brought up his 100th NZIHL point in his 100th NZIHL game, a truly remarkable feat. KC has won 4 NZIHL champion...

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