Seeking Accomodation for 2017 Swarm Imports!

Posted on February 11, 2017 at 1:25 AM

Do you have a rental property, or know of someone with a rental property that would be prepared to rent to our imports from approx. mid April - end August?


The Swarm are seeking accomodation for their imports for the 2017 season, and would appreciate any assistance our fans and wider team family can offer.

A House/Unit or self contained unit within a house or on the property would be great. Furnished or unfurnished. Would also be interested in somewhere that has their own area within a house but maybe has to share a kitchen/bathroom if that is available.


We are interested in offering a variety of accommodation options to our imports, so if you think you can help in anyway or know someone that can, please contact Sue Fraser on as soon as possible.

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